About Us

Specialty Products, LLC is a Veteran owned company that prides itself on custom, handmade wood furniture made from reclaimed wood. We are mindful of the acute hardships that went into the early production of the lumber we reclaim, and are proud that the wood will live on for several generations to come. We scour the countryside in search of antiquated and unwanted structures in an attempt to reclaim and reuse as much of the lumber as possible. Many old warehouses, barns, houses, and outbuildings built in the 1800’s have either outlived their usefulness or become too costly to maintain. That is where Specialty Products comes in. We are extremely careful when removing and salvaging old pieces. If we are not, the pieces of the structure could be ruined. If the materials are not removed properly, this could lead to breaks and cracking, therefore deeming the materials unusable. We take special care to dismantle each building piece by piece to preserve all that went into its construction those years ago. Then we turn that wood into the custom piece you are looking for!

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